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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love to bake cakes, cupcakes even homemade pizza with dough made from scratch. There's something about creating art with you hands, however you do it, that I love. With that being said, my mom's birthday was a few weeks ago and the kids and I decided that we would make "yaya" *what my kids call my mom* a homemade cake. Taking the time to plan the flavor and decor of the cake would mean 100% more to her than just walking into a bakery and just picking out a cake. My mom is the ultimate chocoholic (LOL) so we make a chocolate fudge cake with a vanilla pudding filling, what a combination, DELICIOUS!!!! MY daughter wanted pink frosting and I usually make my own butter cream frosting but when I check my food colorings I realized I didn't have red nor pink so my daughter insisted on using store bought pink frosting. Here's where the fun began. We took KitKats and surrounded the whole cake with them, sort of like a dam for the frosting *YUMMY* and once they were in place my daughter took *felt like 1ooooo* bags of M&M's and sprinkled them on top. The cake came out fabulous and it tasted great too.
Here are a couple pictures of the Masterpiece:
Thanks for stopping by and here's a link to check out more of my baked goods. PDO Creations.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Twins SweetPea Criss Cross Invites

I've finally gotten around to finishing up those Twin SweetPea invite, 50 of them to be exact. I ran into some minor problems but I think they came out really cute. I just think that the cuteness factor would have jumped 1000 notches had I had some peachykeen stamps. That is one product thats is going on my wishlist for this Christmas.

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Without further ado, here's What I came up with:

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sweet Pea Twins Baby Shower

I have been asked to come up with another custom design for a twin baby shower where the parents to be have chosen a Sweet Pea theme. Here is a picture I was sent for inspiration:
The theme is very cute. I have been searching the internet for over 2 weeks now. The main color is green and the 2 coordinating colors will be pink and blue. Yes mommy found out recently her twins are a boy and girl. How awesome is that! I will be coming up with samples of invitations for the family to chose from. As soon as I'm done I will post here.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Cards and Gifts

I think Father's Day cards are very hard to design. I had to dig deep into my creativity, I had 8 cards to make. It wasnt an easy task but with some masculine colors, old memories and my cricut I went to work.
It was tradition for my family to get together on Saturdays. The cousins would get a chance to see each and play almost all night because the older men in my family loved to play dominoes, So I paid homeage to them all, those with us and those that are not and made them each a domino Father's Day card.
I made this Faux Air freshner for my husband.
I also cut him this Yankee emblem for the back of his cell phone cover. As you can already see we are from NY and my family are huge YANKEE FANS!!!!!!
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Weekend......

This morning my family and I went to my new niece's baby Shower. She came 5 wks early but Thank God that she is home and healthy. I loved the DP I chose for the rectangles, so I just went with the color scheme to assemble the rest of the card. I think BLINGING OUT her name is the best part of the card.

That afternoon, my daughter was going to a here friend, Katherine's 5th Birthday party at our local bowling alley, so naturally I made a card for her to give Kate. I love the pink and green together but I think I should have cut the "Happy Birthday" letters indivdually in pink instead of green. All in all I think the card is cute.

I hope you like my cards and they inspire you to create some of your own. Thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1st Project with my new E2

I absolutely love the preloaded cartridges that came on the new E2. I especially love the 3 cupcakes on Cricut American Alphabet because I am obsessed with all things cupcakes.
I was looking for a cupcake air freshner but thought to myself why make my DH visit every car wash or automotive store in a 20 block radius for a cupcake air freshner, when I can make my own.
Side 1 Side 2
I grabbed a blank cd from my DH stash and had him drill a hole into it with the smallest bit he had. I took 2 pieces of cordinating cardstock, traced the cd and cut out 2 circles. I cut 2 different cupcakes in my favorite color...PINK!!! Grabbed my ATG gun and pieced everything together.
Here is a picture of the finished project. I also added a picture of it hanging from the rear view mirror. Here's a close up of both before I hung them up:
I think I need to add some glitter for a little extra something something. As soon I take it down and add the glitter I will post an updated picture.
Im going to make one for my DH tonight. I'll post pics of that one too, once its done.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011


I opened up my beautiful Mother's Day card from my kids and to my surprise, there was a shipping receipt from Provo Craft inside. I was the proud owner of a new 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression. I was so excited I didn't know if I should scream or cry. Guess what......I did both!!!!! **Fast Forward to Friday May 20.

I get home from picking up my daughter from school expecting my cricut to be delivered but nothing...or so I thought! My husband and daughter were playing a trick on me...Hidden behind my son's playpen was a huge box!!!!!
There it was, just screaming for me to open it up!!!!!

So I did!!!!!

He was SO HAPPY to see me, he asked for a hug, I was very HAPPY to oblige. =0D

There he is, out of that ugly brown box and shining in his GREEN & white beauty.

Off to play I go.....I will post my first project created with my new E2.

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