"The Best Gifts have a Personal Touch"

Friday, April 29, 2011

Altered Candles and Flower Vases

I needed to make a quick birthday gift for my aunt and I really didn't have the time (with my 2 kids) to run around and shop. I love to alter candles and I think they look so nice with a personal picture on them so I went that route. I picked up 2 candles at Dollar Tree and while there I saw these 2 glass cylinder shaped flower vases and thought the candle would look very pretty in them so I grab those as well.
Once I got home and began search for a picture for the candle and then I cut some flowers and shapes from my Accents Essentials Cricut cartridge. I hot glued the flower pieces together and then hot glued some ribbon to trim the vase. I think they came out pretty cute. She loved the candles....so much that she cried.

There's nothing like putting your creativity into something and seeing the recipient's rection when they see their gift. I LOVE IT!!

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~Be Creative

PrettyinPink Birthday Cupcakes

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color PINK and love love love CUPCAKES!!!!! So I decided that for my birthday I was going to combine the 2. I made a batch of my PrettyinPinkalicious cupcakes.

They were so yummy!!

Live~Laugh~Love and as Always

~Be Creative