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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I love to bake cakes, cupcakes even homemade pizza with dough made from scratch. There's something about creating art with you hands, however you do it, that I love. With that being said, my mom's birthday was a few weeks ago and the kids and I decided that we would make "yaya" *what my kids call my mom* a homemade cake. Taking the time to plan the flavor and decor of the cake would mean 100% more to her than just walking into a bakery and just picking out a cake. My mom is the ultimate chocoholic (LOL) so we make a chocolate fudge cake with a vanilla pudding filling, what a combination, DELICIOUS!!!! MY daughter wanted pink frosting and I usually make my own butter cream frosting but when I check my food colorings I realized I didn't have red nor pink so my daughter insisted on using store bought pink frosting. Here's where the fun began. We took KitKats and surrounded the whole cake with them, sort of like a dam for the frosting *YUMMY* and once they were in place my daughter took *felt like 1ooooo* bags of M&M's and sprinkled them on top. The cake came out fabulous and it tasted great too.
Here are a couple pictures of the Masterpiece:
Thanks for stopping by and here's a link to check out more of my baked goods. PDO Creations.
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