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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Baby Shower Planning

Ok so I have 2 baby showers that I have booked, which I'm so excited about. The fact that I am getting paid to do this and I love doing this is what gives me the drive to learn new things everyday. What's so hard right now is that I'm stuck...creatively. One baby is due in late November (Pozo baby) and the other baby in December (Medina baby). Both clients are opting to find out the sex so I really can't let my creative juices flow until they pick a theme and colors.....you guys know the whole schebang!!!!

What really kinda stinks too is that my first baby shower schedule for Nov. the mother-to-be is a little picky. Not in a bridezilla kinda of picky it's just that she has that I don't expect a lot from people attitude. ** Oh gosh I hope that is making some sort of sense** So I have been meeting with her and showing her some stuff that we can do and we are not getting anywhere. I guess once they find out the sex and decide on colors, patterns and some sort of themes I will be a little easier for me to get into a groove.

The 2nd baby shower is planned but no set date has been picked**sorry Lisa, won't be posting date here** The problem here is the daddy-to-be is the picky one. I have already consulted with him on one or two ideas and everything I show him, I get the feeling he likes but on the other hand there is something he doesn't like. I feel a lot of creavtive arguing brewing.

Anyway, got to go and finish up some last minute Father's Day items. I'll be sure to post them once I'm done and their recipient have received them.

~~Pinky Out

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well guys here it is. This is where we will be starting the new chapter in our lives. I am so excited. We just got off the phone with the lawyers and our closing date and time have been confirmed, so as of Monday June 16, 2008 @ 1 p.m. we will be the proud owners of this beautiful home, OUR first home.

I just can't believe all the things you can accumulate is such a short period of time, I mean we have only been living in our apartment for 3 years and we have been packing since early May. I also can't believe all the scrap booking, card making and crafting supplies I have. I only really started getting into this hobby/business in Jan of 2007 and I think I can fill a whole room with all my things. What's even crazier is that fact that I can't stop buying things either. It's like every time I go online of make a visit to the craft store all these new tools and accessories are coming out. **rambling ...sorry** The creators of all these products are making a killing in profits. But anyway enough about all the things I want and don't have the money for right now. We begin the actual move on Saturday so I probably will not be updating the blog till I'm officially unpacked and comfortable in our new home. WOOO HOO that's sounds so good. ~~Off to pack some more.

~~Pinky Out

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Finally.....We have a closing date!!!!!

We just recieved in the mail a letter from our lawyers letting us know that we will be closing on our first home in June. We have been praying and waiting for this for so long now. So it is official we will soon be 1st time home owner by the end of June. I have never been more excited and scared in all of my life....besides having my daughter but I know with my heavenly Father's guideness and the love of family I will overcome. God will never give me anything he didn't think I could handle.

So here we go with the packing.