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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Cards and Gifts

I think Father's Day cards are very hard to design. I had to dig deep into my creativity, I had 8 cards to make. It wasnt an easy task but with some masculine colors, old memories and my cricut I went to work.
It was tradition for my family to get together on Saturdays. The cousins would get a chance to see each and play almost all night because the older men in my family loved to play dominoes, So I paid homeage to them all, those with us and those that are not and made them each a domino Father's Day card.
I made this Faux Air freshner for my husband.
I also cut him this Yankee emblem for the back of his cell phone cover. As you can already see we are from NY and my family are huge YANKEE FANS!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my creations. Please leave me your comments and feel free to come back anytime.
~Be Creative

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Weekend......

This morning my family and I went to my new niece's baby Shower. She came 5 wks early but Thank God that she is home and healthy. I loved the DP I chose for the rectangles, so I just went with the color scheme to assemble the rest of the card. I think BLINGING OUT her name is the best part of the card.

That afternoon, my daughter was going to a here friend, Katherine's 5th Birthday party at our local bowling alley, so naturally I made a card for her to give Kate. I love the pink and green together but I think I should have cut the "Happy Birthday" letters indivdually in pink instead of green. All in all I think the card is cute.

I hope you like my cards and they inspire you to create some of your own. Thanks for stopping by.

~Be Creative