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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

1st Project with my new E2

I absolutely love the preloaded cartridges that came on the new E2. I especially love the 3 cupcakes on Cricut American Alphabet because I am obsessed with all things cupcakes.
I was looking for a cupcake air freshner but thought to myself why make my DH visit every car wash or automotive store in a 20 block radius for a cupcake air freshner, when I can make my own.
Side 1 Side 2
I grabbed a blank cd from my DH stash and had him drill a hole into it with the smallest bit he had. I took 2 pieces of cordinating cardstock, traced the cd and cut out 2 circles. I cut 2 different cupcakes in my favorite color...PINK!!! Grabbed my ATG gun and pieced everything together.
Here is a picture of the finished project. I also added a picture of it hanging from the rear view mirror. Here's a close up of both before I hung them up:
I think I need to add some glitter for a little extra something something. As soon I take it down and add the glitter I will post an updated picture.
Im going to make one for my DH tonight. I'll post pics of that one too, once its done.

Thanks for stopping by, please come again!!

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Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be rude but I hope that you have covered both sides as the sun rays bouncing off that could be blinding.

PinkyDenOli Creations said...

both sides are covered. I think I posted pictures of both sides. No offense taken, its quite alright.