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Friday, March 6, 2009

What defines a Craft......

Hi everyone, even though I think I am the only 1 who ever comes to this blog.

Lately my creative side has been on ice, I have walked by my crafting corner day in and day out and nothing. I walk in see If anything comes to me, cut some paper, look over some old crafting magazines for some inspiration but my mind is blank. I have made many trip in cyberspace to my favorite craft website cricut.com to sort of find some inspirations but I just get intimidated with all the talent that you find on there.

So I began questioning if I should just sell all my craft stuff and be done all together. I was hesitant, I mean I love the look on people faces when they see the things I create, the smile and the joy they emanate gives me a sense of satisfaction.

How can I possibly fire up my creativity? .....Answer, head to CVS for allergy medication that's how! I walked by the card aisle looking at the different Mother's Day cards on sale and thought "man these people are crazy to pay the prices they pay for cards" I continued to look when something caught my eye. This card was purple with the words MOM welded to top fold of the card and when opened the sentiment was inside. OMG!!!! I made this card like 2 years ago when I first got my cricut Design Studio. I had a aah moment there in the center of the card aisle, " I am creative and I can do this", just keep it simple.

So off I go to sequester myself in my craft corner and I'm not coming out until I make something that I deem creative, but before I go I would like to leave you with a thought; whenever you feel uncreative step back, and take a break, something so out of the ordinary will light your creative spark. It may happen in CVS like it did for me or it might happen sitting in your car or at church and a color combo catches your eye and you think " that would make an awesome card, or that would look so nice on a scrapbook layout.

Remember, We are all Michaelangelos
~ Tom Peters

So as always

~~Be Creative~~

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