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Monday, March 2, 2009

Olivia's 3rd Birthday Bash

So it was that time again when the DH and I had to sit down and figure out what we were doing for the Olivia's 3rd birthday party. I had my heart set on a Hello Kitty themed party because cricut just released a Hello Kitty cartridge but, DH thought Olivia should be able to chose her own theme. **Dang no HK cartridge** So we took her to Party City and let her walk the aisle and pick her theme like a "big" girl. * drum roll please* She chose Abby Cadabby. So I thought *yesssssss pumping my fist I can still get a cartridge out of this**** I thought this would be the perfect time to ask the DH for the Sesame Street & Friends cartridge. His respond was "I think you have enough carts for now." **Schucks I want it so bad!!!!** I had so many cute ideas in mind, and I high expectations of the business blossoming because I had a lot of friends "potential customers" coming to her birthday party.

Time was not on my side, but then again when is it. lol I wanted to make all of the decorations and party boxes to stuff with goodies but couldn't. So we went back to Party City and just bought some Abby Cadabby stuff.
I have awaken a new passion this year which is cake, cookies and cupcake decorating. I thought " if I cant make all the things I wanted to why not make her cake." I talked if over with the hubz and he also agreed that I should just focus on the cake, cookies and cupcakes. That was the best thing we did. The cake was the talk of the party. Many people could not believe that I made the cake, cookies and cupcakes myself. Her party turned out great. I also had a lot of my friends ask me to make cakes and cookies for there children's birthdays. Lets hope that PinkyDenOli Creations will pick up this year.
We had great turnout of friends and most of all she had blast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LIL PUMPKIN!!!!!!!

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Channyne said...

You did a wonderful job on the cake! I was wondering when I saw if you made it or if it was ordered... beautiful! (Sorry about the cart! bummer) I just love the name Olivia too!