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Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween Goodies

My daughter had her first party of the year at Preschool, a Halloween costume party. So we decided to make "mummies". These were chocolate cake with marshmallow Butter cream, the eyes are sour gobstoppers and the smiles are sparkle red piping gel.
We also made Jack'o latern cake pops, which did not come out perfect but I was feeding (12) 4 year olds so it didn't matter to them that the chocolate wasn't smooth.
My daughter also asked me to make her some goody bags. These were very simple and I made them easy for her to carry to school and hand them out to her friends. They loved them!!!! Then again what child doesn't like a little candy.

Its amazing how time is flying, Halloween was 2 weeks ago and the planning for the Thanksgiving cupcakes are in the works. I will post pictures as soon and the Thanksgiving Feast ends. Until next time....~~Be Creative~~

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