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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

People just dont Understand

I have plenty of crafting supplies to last me a lifetime, but I cant seem to get enough. If its not that every 3 to 4 months or so cricut releases new cartridges that seem to be cuter and cuter then the last ones released, its Studio G releasing a new series of 1.00 stamps that I just have to have. Or its Michael's, A C Moore and now Target competing with pricing, When does it end? I thought it was just me but its not (*wiping sweat from my head) I have seen many thread posting on the messageboard about obsessed crafters.

So all you messageboard members its ok that u need to buy every cricut cartridges released, tons and tons of paper and all things glitter, its even ok to buy every series of studio G dollars stamps that we have to have but yet never use. lol

You'll make something beautiful with it so go ahead and (*hear the registers cha ching) buy it. No regrets, because if you hesitate to buy it when you see it, it wont be there the next time you go to buy it. Trust me I know, it has happened to me plenty of times....Never AGAIN!!!!! =0)

I'm going to Michael's to get some punches and glitter.

~Be Creative

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