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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I need to learn....

As adult you think to yourself you never going to need to learn anything ever again....WRONG!!! I need to learn how to manage my time. OMG I feel like I can never get anything done anymore.
First off I have a 2 year old that demands my attentions 24/7. LOL I hear "mommy lets play cards", "mommy put this puzzle together with me", "mommy read me a story". Shhhheeesshhhh don't get me wrong I would not trade being a SAHM for all the money in the world, but I have made my decision to start my own business and with all these extra curricular activities I am partaking in with Oli I am having a hard time accomplishing anything.

**As you read this please keep in mind that this whole paragraph was written to throw off my DSIL who frequents this blog. We were planning a surprise baby shower and she was here to see if I would post a date or creations I made for her shower**
Second, my FIL is in town from the Dominican Republic and he is turning 75 this year so my MIL has decided that she wants to throw one huge party for him. We are not talking 15- 20 people try 150-200(+) people. I was put in charge of decorations and it has not been easy. You don't want to offend anyone by buying stuff that says "You OL' Fart" which is all I have been finding. So the on switch is green on my cricut but my brain is not functioning **in enters Oli "mom I want a pop tart" The party is 2 weeks away, I need to find a dress and schedule an appointment to do my hair, Oli needs a dress and I have to try and convince the hubby to wear a tie ( not happening).
So if anyone has time management skills that they can teach me or maybe miraculously they will rub off give me a holler....I'm in desperate need of someones help.......ANYONE.

As always be good and STAY CREATIVE!!!<3

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